Timberland Lost History Cap-Toe Oxford, Brown

I’ve never been a “big boot” guy. A few years back I gave away my Dr. Martens – I’d not worn them since high-school. I usually default to chuck-taylors or vans. That being said, I’ve recently begun a new obsession. The “Timberland” boot and shoe.

Yes, the same Timberland that makes the big yellow work boot. However nowdays they are making what I have to consider the most comfortable foot compatible clothing items I’ve ever laid feet on.

Last year I bought a pair of black Timberland high boots – a fancy pair that I could wear with jeans or slacks. They have proven to be the most comfortable shoes that I have ever owned. By far. They are also the most expensive shoes I have ever owned. Running at an average of $200 a pair for most of their items, they aren’t for the faint of heart. It’s an investment. That being said, they are incredible and worth every penny.

My new favorite is the Lost History Oxford – I’m looking forward to wearing them around in comfort as soon as they arrive in the mail. However I’ve also dolled out for a pair of water-proof mountaineering boots that I’m looking to as my final solution for winter outdoor activity. I think that, if I could afford it, this might be all I’d ever wear again…